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深圳桑拿双飞爽记Hong lengthy barley

发布时间:2019-01-16 16:20

Hong lengthy barley"Stream scenery has Equinox.Church painting Amidst the dusk."Chung Song Dynasty poem by poet and the" Painting Spring Church ".After last winter cold wave decades of epic proportions, heavy winter clothes have not completely out of the body, had gone into the long grass, birds a深圳桑拿按摩论坛re flying in March, clear sunny land, the heart can not help but follow the rhythm of gentle warm spring come gradually.Equinox will be divided into three candidates ancients "a dollar waiting to birds, two candidates Resnais sound, three candidates electric start."Equinox has to actually start the 深圳桑拿技师footsteps of spring.  Jiangnan spring, like a slightly shy woman, nudge small step, waving waist, quietly out of the boudoir, walking in the wilderness spring flowers in full bloom.Canola flower yellow, peach Hongyan, azalea occupied the hill, over and over soaring flowers grass lively the whole fie深圳桑拿按摩论坛ld.  Rainy season, people naturally interference drizzle, wind and rain last night last night, the city, through the washing of rain is particularly close to the pleasant, green grass looked everywhere camphor, sometimes on a kind of nostalgic emotions to spill over.Such wet morning, the mother is g深圳桑拿技师oing to buy a couple of pounds of pork good, take it home and wash chopped, mix shrimp, mustard greens, some more onions, and the salt, MSG and various spices, ready to do a few a barley it.Memory, barley folks always like to do on a rainy day, I think, because barley Griddle grill made of relativel深圳桑拿按摩一条龙y dry, perhaps because farmers generally have idle in the rain to do Snack Bar.A child, whenever such a rainy day, always floated in the rain pattering in a Unit arouses greedy scent, it is the smell of pork with dried vegetables, barley is cooked flavor, is both a clever and industrious masterpiece深圳桑拿体验 made hand, it is a housewife portrait of Xian Yi.  Material deprivation that time, there is now difficult supermarket wide variety of snacks are available to enjoy, childhood memories, no milk, bread, never heard of KFC, McDonald's, there are now more children will not be what it is suspected that 深圳桑拿技师there is not enough for what discerning.Twist parents brought back to visit relatives, Apple is not bad taste, eat a bowl of Mom's birthday is dry fried eggs supreme happiness, when a piece of rock candy orange cake can meet little appetite.Favorite fragrance of the wheat harvest season, the big peo深圳桑拿按摩图片ple around the busy busy at the stove, do some fine new wheat into flour made of barley for early adopters, and even the tools are hard day, regardless of the protagonist or supporting role, all comfortably or reclining, or Ann lying unsightly host family's fireworks.Our young, only in the pot pot o深圳桑拿冰火f knocking sound of hide and seek, after the jump box, shuttlecock, straw, Chapman, a random breath safe to hide it, "cooked ripe", often heard stoves this prompted the stage, we eartip to the kitchen with a hula all gather only the first step to be able to eat hot barley.Mom leash, expertly put a b深圳桑拿报告ig round cake evenly cut into six, divided between a group the size of the children can not wait, the first early adopters tend to be kids, adults busy looking at the side we happily eat relish, loving touch of a smile unabashedly floating brow.We also did not forget to take a paper bag barley, lest深圳桑拿群 the hot little hands, but told us not forget "Slow down to eat, not to burn yourself," but forget yourself busy for a long time still hungry then, in the eyes of adults, children the joy is always better than yourself!  Virtual fence surrounded the castle walls, wanton cock flopping in the courtyard深圳桑拿网论坛 outside the hospital, just a raw egg hen positive Cheering happy event, a barn big enough to eat and drink full of lazy hum, who heard in the distance family cows "moo" to echo.Moss covered stone steps of the courtyard behind the house is quiet deep bamboo forest, wind, rain fly, free is exactly th深圳桑拿大全e time of pulsation.  I remember fifth grade sister bought me a new bag, blue sky to the bottom, cardboard for lining, cover with two cartoon dolls, placed on each side of a small pocket for stationery, it is important to have a shoulder strap, compared to previous shoulder cloth flowers, dark green深圳桑拿休闲论坛 canvas bag, it is popular enough, is my most memorable childhood gift.When the beloved items from around follow, except of course Xiangpei from school to school, sleep can not bear to take it away from me, including some of my favorite small items are packed in the bag total sleep.Then bed and sist深圳桑拿红场er, a sister suddenly puzzled and said: "how ah taste of barley?Well today did not do."I do not speak up, you head a little disturbed, press and hold the bag pretended to sleep, because that secret hidden inside small.That night restless slumber, sister inadvertently let a little heart can stand tre深圳桑拿洗浴mbling a little while, for fear that she will soon expose my disguise I do not know.The next day sister did not ask, I did not find the secret behind the unspeakable silence, finally relieved, a false alarm ah!May not always be so lucky, there are days when the bag was found under more than a hole in深圳桑拿按摩论坛 my little secret also eventually see the light, those small children thinking of those innocent bear, the incident became a joke.Bird annoying rat, you know a child's innocence?She cited that precious food, she would like to preserve the taste of time, even if the package sleeve white plastic bags 深圳桑拿冰火全套hidden in a pile of books, how was it you easily bite wounds?Since the bags are unknown mouse somehow fiercely gnaws a big hole, together with the deep, including a small piece of barley, I never had food packaged in the book, who knows next time those lovely books can it survived?  "Mom, I want to 深圳桑拿论坛eat fried dry, I want to eat barley, you give me today to do it," daughter and constantly claims, "Oh, grandmother to taste!"She was always keen to emphasize the last sentence.Grandma's taste, what taste it?"Mom, you can not make that kind of taste how grandmother?"Home is a warm haven, small monaste深圳桑拿多少钱ries of earthy, silently the deep heart, even those who smoke flavor rich pots and pans, is like one understand human well-being of the laity, family stained body fragrance, giving you familiar kindly.Growing up, away from home, away from home on which to homes, the visual impact of the secular yin 深圳桑拿信息and yang uncertain, enjoy numerous interpersonal changes, setbacks, also won the joy of harvest.Learn to walk alone, learn to create a warm little house, and learn to be content with ordinary life of vinegar tea.Outside of work, I always find some time to do snack, especially entrusted with the touc深圳桑拿体验h of Qiannian hometown flavor, while also changing tastes of spiritual reward.And the surface of the dough sticky hands full, heavy smell of fish, seafood, delicious pan to go through before crushing cumbersome preparation, if heard at the table family say "craft a good thing", something worthwhile 深圳桑拿房will hard.Even if occasionally critical of her daughter, "I still do like the taste of grandmother!"Do not be hit, in my mind, no matter no matter how carefully effort, and eventually impossible to make the same scent of its mother, the kind of deep-rooted sense of taste tongue, just as time slowly a深圳桑拿论坛nd makes doubly rich nostalgia.  I still remember a Wenzhou saying: "Maibing fire will burn, can do big wife."This is the meaning of other people can do the kitchen can be a good wife, right.A family's enjoyable, often appeared at the dinner table, a table can burn a good meal, elders who are really深圳桑拿942 talented hostess assessment criteria, but also allows headed man in front of friends and family proud.Now, I am afraid that young people will do Maibing much of it, in Wenzhou, regardless of street stalls, stations, terminals, everywhere seductive fragrant Big Mac, there are sweet and salty, the me深圳桑拿942at has a well-established , customizable home delivery, it is convenient.And some economy-minded aunt quickly, in cities around the hometown people living in the barley to make the business model, designer trademark, to satisfy fellow delicious food, but also pours earn for themselves, really to fol深圳桑拿low up era.  Barley, even a small thing, a section of precipitation memories, a picture of excursion tickets, when the spring breeze of dreams, wandering in heart, and you hope that their loved ones that crash, on the Ou River cruising is called, that is the riverside soil fertility aggregation of h深圳桑拿攻略ope.When Luchun refreshingly bracing scenery from, separate leafy camphor tree, Mu dawn Weibi eyes, a hint of accent, such as about the ear, most people are still asleep in the morning, and embracing with spring.  You grow up, parents are getting old, one day, your taste will be sweet memories of yo深圳桑拿推荐ur child heart.Please let the pace of the rest anxious moment, hear loudly warned him: take a good road ahead!  (Written on April 1, 2016)

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