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深圳桑拿价格Greenwood Buddha heart

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Greenwood Buddha heartGreenwood, said here is not outlaw the Greenwood, but a luxuriant green woods yellow.I love Greenwood, Greenwood each walked, like return to the embrace of nature, my mind will become tranquil light, like being washed off, like, like, like being covered with snow, water clari深圳桑拿按摩会所ty, pure as snow.    I am a child of Daxing Village after village has greenwood before, but now are gone, along with pure innocent childhood together, gone, could not find the trail.    Later, I went to high school with water, mountains behind the school, are also covered by Greenwood.At that time, 深圳桑拿按摩图片me and my brothers, often early in the morning to the forest on the mountain running, practicing his martial arts.    After three years, I went to a middle Xiaochang County, this time the school, in the middle of the city, a Jing-Han Railroad side across from the school, the sound of a train whistle深圳桑拿哪个好 can be heard daily.But the city in the Huan River, through an old bridge, on to another piece of Greenwood.Greenwood Lane in the patch, I have a lot of stories.    Again three years later, I went to Yellowstone, to the Castle Lake, my college, took the fall Qingshan Lake, the mountains after the Ca深圳桑拿蒲友stle Lake, is a vast gray Greenwood.Whenever I feel melancholy Wang Ran, I'll walk into the patch of green forest, watching the tall trees, watching the tender grass, looking at the forest a seat tomb, when I seem to understand, people in the forest, you can read the best of allies and enemies in th深圳桑拿推荐红场e world, the starting point is the earth, the end is the tomb, still dirt, what Empress and the Warriors, what Piles of furniture, it is all a gimmick, standing like a tree, like, like like the grass leisurely, this is what I want in life.    Sixteen years ago, I came to the edge of the town of Han 深圳桑拿双飞爽记River - Laohekou.Today, sixteen years later, my heart, but it is still Chouchangbaijie.16 years ago, more and more modern city, and I was in a more and more behind the times.I suddenly remembered the tears in the palace of Li Yu, although I am not in a head, but I learned a sudden sadness Li Yu.    Th深圳桑拿按摩酒店e newly built State Road 316, not only elegant and generous green belt on both sides of the road, and I finally found the thing I read once met a decade ago in Greenwood.Greenwood's side, a car to drive to the National Road, Greenwood's there, but it is the Han River flowing for thousands of years, nea深圳桑拿洗浴全套rly as anxious utilitarian dead and silenced the temple Tian Ran.    Along a quiet road, I went into a deep green forest.Listening to the gurgling sound of water, I sat alone in a small stream.My heart by intoxicated to blurred by blurred to calm.What can I really calm?Contracts are signed, you are 深圳桑拿大全still hesitant what?The times have changed, you still saw it it?    I lit a cigarette, whip a few bites.I am determined to go, even though all sorts of attachment Han waterside this town, even in a constantly give up love, I am determined to go.    Not brilliant, I have many times to persuade myself深圳桑拿全套服务 to keep a sense of balance, like a vegetarian Buddha, like, to treat in front of students.However, early in the morning, after the bell, still many empty seats, you have a bit of Buddha's heart?Back you can see one after another student came in, hands carrying food and drink, went to his seat, open深圳桑拿技师照片ed just a textbook, eating drinkin chat.So I strong in his own head held high, in the heart of numerous nagging Buddha mind the Buddha's heart, vegetarian Buddha, cultivate patience.    I can be impatient, which in turn saw the girl lying on the desk, sleeping, a mouthful of saliva; the girl, listen深圳桑拿ing to music in earbuds, look into the mirror, stroked his hair yellow and black mixed; two girls total with a textbook, laughing, Seeing slowly approached me with a very frivolous eyes, pick-shirts my absolute sincerity.So I strong in his own head held high, in the heart of numerous nagging Buddha 深圳桑拿双飞爽记mind the Buddha's heart, vegetarian Buddha, cultivate patience.    So, after school, I drove back to my Greenwood.Puchi launched into a few colorful birds, so I thought of my own youth once flying.My back against the white birch, listening to the sound of the wind.I watched the weeping willows, reve深圳桑拿大全rie mood of the Buddha.    I have not eaten fast, and never read Buddha, my emotions so ready, so I love and hate are kept."Say you are talented, you are the talent," this is not really what the official term, but it is the law of officialdom, so count on only those who were pregnant who are mediocr深圳桑拿网e role.Besides, I myself hardly any talent, write the text it says, is nothing more than write clueless some text, record their feelings only; write to say it, but a ghost-like painting Spring Festival fool the ordinary people, and even calligraphy side experts are stick on it; it says as a teacher,深圳桑拿qq群 picked at random a new fish than you teach students a hundred times stronger.Anyway, in the end you count Gesha?    So I felt nothing, I thought of remuneration.Yes, money is not everything, but with no money is totally unacceptable.Parents old and I need money to dependents; her daughter is still 深圳桑拿按摩小姐照片small, we need to raise money; eat, drink, fuel vinegar tea, which does not need the money as?What's more, a nothing, I only seem to pay, I feel the need to make their own existence in this world, only the salary, to make me feel that they are still a little bit with a villain.    When money became 深圳桑拿一条龙my only measure of value, Buddha mind, I'm afraid has become distressed.    Alas, the river still drive to Greenwood go sit right, watch the birds fly, listen to the wind, waves rolling in the grass look, Ceshou birch pieces, not necessarily vegetarian, does not have to recite, but to sit, Greenwood深圳桑拿冰火 Buddha's heart repair.    I lit a cigarette, whip a few bites.I am determined to go, even though all sorts of attachment to the town of Han waterside, even if there is a break away constantly love, I am determined to go.    Should I stay in Greenwood, because when dealing with people, I love to fin深圳桑拿技师照片d fault with others demand perfection.Face ourselves, I was petty and violent irritability, mouth curse, frequently fist, not a good bird, but not a mentor.    Resentment of the people, but in reality is incompetent, as you no matter how self-proclaimed whims, as you no matter how narcissistic true 深圳桑拿论坛nature real man, as long as you are grievances of the people, you are the losers synonymous.So I should stay in Greenwood, even though I did not repair to holy Buddha's heart, even though I'm still not in the branches had a bird in the bush just head solitary beast.    After such and such, and I am 深圳桑拿怎么样afraid I can only stay in Greenwood, just like that Li Bai, it does not have an official's potential, only a few sips horse urine, random sway so-called poetic talent; just like the Du Fu, filled how can grievances broad-minded official, the grievances of the generation, can only look up to the moon深圳桑拿怎么样, by the poor Hao Dishou.Neither the wisdom Wuhou, and no despicable Qin Gong, so you sing, cuckoo vomiting blood, a river of Qu Yuan, fur coat just before dawn cold intolerant of Li Yu, a lifeless all, no ordinary people of color.    However, I really can only stay in it greenwood?However, I really深圳桑拿爽记 bloodless ordinary people do?But, anyway, I'm looking around taking a closer look, I was a bloody man Tiexuedanxin everlasting consistent self-righteous, like that Guan Hanqing, and if this great general Peng Lin Chueh-min, there was immediately a Hengdao.    I lit a cigarette, whip a few bites.I a深圳桑拿全套服务m determined to go, even though all sorts of attachment Han waterside this town, even in a constantly give up love, I am determined to go.    2014,7,27

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